WereCourt update and Halloween Costume suggestions?

Hi guys. Major apologies for the extreme lack of updates especially for the WereCourt saga but I have an explanation for it.

1) I just finished my first week of college and I’ve gotten myself completely settled in however because of this things might be slow when it comes to actual posts from me for the next couple of weeks

2) Due to recent events a certain part of the WereCourt saga has to be pushed back so there won’t be any gorey stuff yet but trust me, we will get there!

3) Plans for other projects like the Book of Smash and an upcoming new series starring Court have taken up most of my attention so I kinda wanted to finish a few thing with them before I got back to blogging.

So to hold you guys over I want to get into the Halloween spirit and let you guys suggest what type of spooky things you wanna see here. Costumes, Scary asks,etc etc.

Well that’s all for now but be sure to stay updated.

Suggest a Halloween costume for my character and they’ll give you their reaction!


Bonus points if you have a reasoning behind the costume you pick!

Be specific on which character though


Borei: and secondly, “boreing”?? You need better insults than that.

If Toon Court could still talk he’d probably say something like: ” Well aren’t you such a bore?~ Ya got to admit that i’m pretty punny. ewe”

Idea~ owo

So remember the last the post I reblogged from patar-fuifui?
Well what would happen if the guy who voiced 

This version of Sonic.EXE: (Link)

and this version of Scourge: (Link)

Dubbed the entire story for Scourge.EXE…Well I think he just might consider on doing just that ewe

Write a Headcanon about my character



If it’s good, it will become official.


Any ideas for the gang? Drop em in the inbox!


It was one of those nights where I wanted to draw something gory, and this is the result.

I don’t think anyone’s ever thought of the idea of cutting open his scars from some of the deviantart user’s ideas (they’re very boring >->) and I also had the idea of having his jaw torn off, making it seem like he’s “smiling”. And his left eye is gouged out, but you can’t really see it in the full body pic on the left, so I did my best to emphasize it with the “bruising” ^^U

InvdrScar helped me out with this backstory, because I can’t make a decent scary story for poo <:D

Check out this awesome pic made by patar-fuifui :D
If you wanna hear the full story we came up with for Scourge.exe then click the first link above. WARNING its not for the faint of heart “<X)


I present to you a new ask blog, featuring some of my old characters from Flipnote Hatena— and new ones coming into play as well ^o^

The main characters featured on this poster are:

  • Sprackler
  • Toon Shanya
  • Mikki the Duplighost
  • Krystal the Frosslass
  • Borei
  • Hirokko

Feel free to ask them anything! ^^

Hi! Do me a favor and follow this girl right now! I don’t care that Court’s become a werewolf! You like, need to follow this awesome blog! OwO

cestmoiisahermitcrab sent:

hhhhhH Syndrome stop being a dork or imma gonna steal you when Bro isn't looking you adorkable hedgie

Syndrome: I’d like to see ya try,missy! :O -hits the wall- KEEP IT DOWN WILL YA?! Sorry bout that. Theres some weird riff raff going on in Court’s room and i’m still restricted to doing text posts cause of him. ;n;







thedoubleanti sent:

"Oh, so you think it's funny that people think I'm a virgin, eh?" He scowled.

Syn: Of course not. No one should ever be ashamed to be a virgin.  I just think its funny cause you make the most priceless faces when they rag on you for it! X’D


scarfedghostcompany sent:

You like MLP correct? Sorry if I'm incorrect. I have two questions. Who's your favorite pony (mine are Twilight, Rarity, and Pinkie, don't make me chose between them oAo)? Also, favorite MLP fan song? I like Anthropology and Pinkie's Brew. owo

Mun: Admittedly I do have a soft spot for the show however I sadly have’nt been keeping up with the show as much as I used too, so yeah i’m a bit of a brony. 

Favorite Pony: Discord! Duh (Its my opinion so no one should tell me otherwise. Even though this is the interwebs…crap!)

Favorite Fan Song: Anything that involves Discord, most of them are even in the blog’s playlist. Also the songs that Aviator comes up with are pretty rad too